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Anyone else excited by what Niko does?

Posted by Walker33 on May 21, 11 11:51 pm · History

Your layouts are some of the best I've seen! WOWZA! Keep the wink for the talent(:

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 1, 10 6:52 pm · History

" The world is a dangerous place to live-not because of the people who are
evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcolm X

The New World Order Resistance Movement Grows Stronger Every Day And We Will NEVER Give Up Until We Crush The Satanic Beast Behind Many, Many, Many, Crimes Against Humanity Including 9/11...

It is so very important that you invite your friends to spread the truth and Get involved and be the change we really want to see in the world! " WE ARE ONE " LOVE IS THE WAY " Together we will be UNSTOPPABLE !! Help us Grow to an Unstoppable Force ► ►

" Nobody Will Give Us Freedom For Free - WE MUST FIGHT FOR IT!

Time to question what you are told...Time to seek the truth...Time to question your reality. BECAUSE YOUR REALITY IS A LIE!!

If you seriously think everything is going to be OK, things will come together, the Governments controlled by the Shadow Governments will take care of us. YOU are sadly mistaken, what will it take to pull the wool off of some people's eyes? A slap in the face? Or when it's too late?

Posted by freedomfighter on Aug 17, 09 11:43 pm · History

i have a Questiion. im new to this and i want to know how you make your layouts

Posted by jaszmyn3 on Aug 3, 09 6:14 pm · History

You're Welcome

~take care~

Posted by Snaily on Jun 24, 09 6:34 pm · History

can you mAke a layout just like this one
not the same but similar please


Posted by sexximarie on Jun 22, 09 11:56 pm · History

Hey.. I Love ur u do request!...if so im BeggiN if u scratch my back ill scratch urs.. ill support yur layouts!! ur banners w.e.. but let me get to the point! im maintaining a singers page and hes an up and coming artist and he rly needs a hot layout bad... Can u please Juss write be back and let me kno wut ur thinkin ill really appricate it! thank you : )

Posted by beautymark on Jun 22, 09 9:19 pm · History

i was going to use your layout my notebook for my myspace, but when i was finished and i went on my page, the about me, random, and basics shows nothing, theyre all just white boxes, how do i fix this??

Posted by domag3tcrunk on Dec 11, 08 4:10 pm · History

I'm so absolutely late replying to your comment but thank you!!!

Posted by MissCori on Nov 30, 08 4:53 pm · History

backround's noice (Y)

Posted by stacyturner on Sep 28, 08 10:15 pm · History

your welcome.

Posted by SceneRocket on Sep 19, 08 9:35 pm · History

ok thank you so much i sent all the stuff to your e mail

Posted by seabizket92 on Sep 17, 08 7:30 pm · History

if i give all the pics and stuff is there any way you could make me a persanal layout i still cant get it to go the way i want it to look

Posted by seabizket92 on Sep 14, 08 8:16 pm · History

lol thats alright. And i passed : D
today i went into the state board thing and got my lisence...well right now its a piece a paper but i will get my 18 &under lisence hopefully within the week.

but im really excited : D and luckuly i dont live in a extremely busy town so its not crowded a lot of the times and less crazy drivers. Though im no so sure whats going to happen when winter rolls by since it can get really bad

Posted by Tomates on Sep 8, 08 5:43 pm · History

I just wanted to say congrats on having the most commonly jocked layouts on Createblog. I rejected yet another one yesterday. ;)

Posted by schizo on Sep 7, 08 6:29 pm · History

[that confused me when the comment appeared on the right side, hehe]

Posted by ericakarica on Sep 7, 08 11:38 am · History

you're welcome.

Posted by SceneRocket on Sep 7, 08 10:06 am · History

you act likc its hard to type BLAH

Posted by icedog0 on Sep 6, 08 8:27 pm · History

even though it looks nasty please keep the conversation between you and icedog0 we can use this against him.

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Sep 5, 08 11:17 pm · History

lol. Tomorrow is my drivers test. Im actually getting really nervous.
Im afraid i will mess up and i always ask my moms opinions when im driving and im just sometimes way to over cautious XD
I remember when i took drivers ed. Becuase of the days they made it, it was about 3 weeks and the most 3 boring weeks of my life.
Though it was worth it obviously.

Have fun at your school dance!

Posted by Tomates on Sep 5, 08 10:19 pm · History

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